BUNGARD - Drilling and milling machine CCD/MTC

BUNGARD - Drilling and milling machine CCD/MTC

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Code number : 580 25000
Supplier : 40200
Model : CCD-MTC
Description : Manual tool change

The Bungard CCD/MTC is a high quality Computer Controlled Drilling and milling machine with semi-automatic tool change (MTC = manual tool change).

  • The CCD/MTC differs from the CCD/2 by a larger working area (325x495mm in contrast to 270x325mm) and by a separate controller.
  • Compared to the ATC models, the software interrupts the operation during the tool change and the new tool is changed manually (turning the knob changes by a quarter turn; motors remaine empowered and hold the position).
  • With the sturdy spindle and the good fixation of the tool in the chuck the Bungard CCD / MTC is perfectly fitted for routing or engraving plastics, aluminum and other metals.
  • 19 inch rack boards can also be processed.

Technical Data:

  • Power supply: 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz + vacuum cleaner (1500W)
  • Range of RPM: 30.000 - 63.000
  • Traveling speed: 1 - 9000 mm/min
  • Software resolution: 0,0001mm (0,1µm)
  • Mechanical resolution: step resolution: Software selectable: 1 mil, ½ mil, ¼ mil (= 6.35 Mikrometer)
  • Tool diameter: 0.1mm - 3,175mm (recommended, bigger tool diameter possible)
  • Position accuracy: 20 ppm (0.002%) over the entire work space:
  • Maximum position speed per axis: 9000/mm/min (=150 mm/s)
  • Maximum working speed per axis: 9000/mm/min (=150 mm/s), individual setting on a per-tool basis, independent from position speed
  • Drill speed: 5/s (= 18.000 holes/h= 300 holes/min)
  • Required Accessories: Computer
  • Board fixation: span fixing, clamp fixing, reference pin system, stack processing possible
  • Option: vacuum fixation
  • Weight kg: 35
  • Dimension mm: 700x800x300
  • Work area mm: 325x495x38
  • Tool change: no