Matedex annual closure from 24th of December 2018 to 1st of January 2019 included.

New products

Depaneling machine Tractor Mill

KDU-1 Power Supply for KDS Screwdriver

SCREWDRIVER (K-DUCER) serie - Fixture mount

SCREWDRIVER (K-DUCER) serie - inline

XH barrel for WTP90/WXP90

Soldering tip XH HX

Soldering tip XH D

Soldering tip XH C

Soldering tip XH B

Soldering tip XH A

Industrial bit holder, with magnet, Halfmoon 4 mm

Continuity tester for strap and table

Cordon de mise à la terre banane + crocodile

Adjustable Stainless Steel Wrist-Strap

Hex 4mm bit set with torque screwdriver and adapter

Mini torque screwdriver hex 6,35mm / 1/4" with 4mm hex adapter

Kit ESD screwdriver hex 4mm, 110mm extension and 42 bits 4mm