New products

Soldering tip RTW 0,7 x 0,4 mm, 45°

Pincette à déssouder WXMT MS

Soldering iron WSFP 8

DIY PCB Support

Tip for WP1 91-01-01 1 mm

F7 dust filter for WFE2S

Screwdriver with bit holder SoftFinish ESD, lockable mec.

Professional spherical TORX bit set 70 mm

Industrial electric diagonal cutting pliers with DynamicJoint

Industrial electric half-round pliers

Industrial electric universal clamp with DynamicJoint

Bit screwdriver with bit magazine

MagicFlip Force magnetic bit holder

TORX micro-bits 28 mm

Russian Classic Pliers

Extension for key

Heavy duty diagonal cutter Industrial electric

SoftFinish Pozidriv screwdriver with short round blade

Outil de sertissage pour cosses de câbles et contacts isolés

Professional Insulated Clamp Set 3 pcs

TORX Tamper Resistant 25 mm bits

TR Standard Bits 25 mm

Standard Spanner Bits 25 mm

ZOT tip 25 mm with torsion zone

Professional electric half-round pliers

Coffret d'embouts XLSelector Security Standard 25 mm

SoftFinish Electric screwdriver set

Slotted SoftFinish Screwdriver

Bit Professional 50 mm MagicRing 1/4"

Multitool PocketStar Six pans 7 pcs

SoftFinish Electric hexagon socket screwdriver

SoftFinish Electric Screwdriver

SoftFinish Electric Screwdriver

Screwdriver with quick-change bit holder

CentroFix Super Slim Self Locking Bit Holder

TORX Tip Set TY 7 pieces, BitBuddy

Sleeves for Standard and Modified Connections

Folding cutter + 50 blades dispenser

Interchangeable Screwdriver Blade TORX

Roll holder set M900

Gray ESD shelves bins

Stacking bin Blue

CPU holder ESD for TP, TPH, TPB benches

Energy rail M750 6 sockets + on/off switch

Bin rail ESD M750

7.SA.DR.0 ESD rubber tweezers

5C.SA.DR.0 ESD rubber tweezers

Light and balancer rail ESD

Steel shelf ESD M750

TPK accessory frame for TP 1200 / 1500 / 1800

Lamp NaturLite LED 1200 for mount

Lamp NaturLite LED 900 for mount

AA.SA.DR.6 ESD rubber tweezers

5A.SA.DR.0 ESD rubber tweezers

5.SA.DR.0 ESD rubber tweezers

4.SA.DR.0 ESD rubber tweezers

3C.SA.DR.0 ESD rubber tweezers

3.SA.DR.0 Tweezers - Rubber

2A.SA.DR.0 Tweezers - Rubber

15AGW.C.DR Tweezers - Rubber

15A.C.DR Tweezers - Rubber

14AGW.C.DR Tweezers - Rubber

14A.C.DR Tweezers - Rubber

MPTSS3 Stainless steel spatula

MPTSS2 Stainless steel spatula

A249CP Kit of 2 Carbon tips

A7CP Kit of 2 Carbon tips

A4WFCP Kit of 2 Carbon PEEK tips

A2WFCP Kit of 2 Carbon PEEK tips

A5CF Kit of 2 Carbon fiber tips

Sign holder for single belt barrier post

Sign holder for dual belt barrier post

EPA Wall mounting retractable belt head

EPA retractable belt barrier post, 2 belts

Mini Tweezer M4.SA.1

Tweezer 7ZJ.SA.0