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New products

Testing patchcords MFS/MFS 600V

Single jacket PVC cable for circuit breadboards

PVC single insulation cable





MFS / MFS 1000V test leads


Fuse 10x38mm SD high breaking capacity

ESD Shoes Uni6 S3 SRC

Table stand for KDU power supply

Stripper Kit STRIPMASTER Lite


Jumpers for connection to the poles x 100

Grounding earth stake

Tips ET Bevel cut form

Safety shoe Static Control S1 SRA black ESD

Jumper FJ

Automatic Circuit Identifier Digital Receiver & GFCI Receptacle

Disinfectants inSpec N10 Solution

Universal Swabs ESD x 500

Cleanroom Pens Black Ink Non-Sterile x 12

Cleanroom ESD Wrist Strap - Adjustable

Disposable beard cover x 1000

Chariot de nettoyage triple seaux

Antistatic Disposable Labcoat

Bouffant Style Pleated Mob Caps x 1000

High ESD chair Hexagon

ESD chair hexagon

Single weight brass OIML M1

Single weight brass OIML M2

Single weight stainless steel OIML M1

Single weight brass OIML M1

ESD White Disposable labcoat x15

Disinfectants inSpec DE Solution

Wooden brush with aluminum bristles

Kit Adaptateur Pour KDU avec SWBX88 et CBS880

Screwdriving simulator 0-5Nm

Wooden brush with stainless steel bristles

Stripping pliers STRIPMASTER Grit Pad

Stripping pliers STRIPMASTER Standard

8018 LB Super stain remover

LED magnifier lamp, 3.5 diopter WAVE

Cutting pliers with spacing 530E15A

Pozidriv TY bits 1/4"

Cutting pliers 612NW

230Vac / 24Vdc Transformer

Dissipative kit for standard chairs


Dissipative bag 100µm green LABESTAT A100

ESD wrapping paper ribbons

ESD CARTONBOX shipping boxes

ESD corrugated cardboard boxes with ESD foam

Crocodile clip with banana plug outlet

Floor cord with pressure Male / Ring

Male / Male ground-cord with 10 mm pressure (0 Mohm)

Male / Male ground-cord with 10 mm pressure

Single layer mat roll KOSTAPLAN ESD

Disposable shoe cover ESD

WORKER reinforced safety shoes


Bag for ESD zone

ESD Badge Holder

White coat DISPOSABLE Unisex

ESD Navy Blue Jackets

ESD gray jackets

LABEFIX card mounting stand

Reels rack in galvanized steel

Reels holder for CMS

Reels holder for CMS

Light blue ESD Smocks

Polo-shirt ESD

ESD pouch

ESD T-shirt with breast pocket

Rubber bands

Conductive letter tray A4

VARIODRILL prototype PCB drilling machine

ESD cabinet for component storage

Conductive foam Poly Reticle black

Custom ESD hard foam for NEWBOX

Door with inspection port for SAHARA

Full Test Kit for EPA / ESD Zone