Covid-19 - Corona virus
Matedex annual closure from 24th of December 2020 to 1st of January 2021 included.

New products

Interchangeable blades Torx

Interchangeable blades Phillips

FE addon kit for WXP 120

FE addon kit for WXP 65

Solder wire Sn60Pb40 Flux 309

Metal precision folding magnifier

Euro containers with hinge lid and open handles

Universal pistol grip support

Interchangeable blades slot

ESD handle for interchangeable blades

ESD interchangeable blades set 9pcs

Safety rest WPHT

Duplex eye nut grip

ESD floor marking tape

Vacuum pickup system VPP500

Vacuum tip kit

ESD safe vacuum cup

45° ESD Safe vacuum pickup tip

Straight vacuum pickup tips

Vacuum pickup system VPP50

Plastic screw-on handle

Mini-Fluxer empty


Tips set for hobbykit WHK30

Housing top for WT 1/1H/2M

Torch ejector for pyropen

Patch cord 40G AWG 26 S/FTP yellow

Solder aid kit

Brass sponge tip cleaner with holder

Brass sponge tip cleaner

Flux brush

Heat resistant gloves

Helping hand with 4 magnetic arms

Soldering work station mat, large

Soldering work station mat, medium

Helping hands with magnifier

Housing bottom WSD151

Circuit board control WSD 151

Display screen for WD family

Front plate connector for WD 1/ WD 1M

Front plate display for WD1

Housing top for WD family

Large, high resolution bench scale