New products

Relaxing insoles 5000

Anatomic insoles 4000



Shoes GYM S3

extra large insole 8000

Packing boxes ESD stackable

Shoes Alfa S2

Stackable plastic bins conductive

Antistatic Pink Poly-air cushion bags with flap

Cooler F14-1 220

Cooler F13-2 220H

Cooler F13-1 126B

Keyboard tray NT

70 mm wide conductive foil per meter

Cable clip set 5x

Grounding kit

Data Connector / shielded for Cat.6 cable

Emergency stop switch

Auto fuse 10A connected to earth 30 mA

Automatic fuse 10 A E3

Power channel WJK

Horizontal Profile for Bins

Extra adjustable shelf 530x650

Extra shelf 530x650

Universal trolley 140 cm

Temflex 1500 PVC electrical tape

Waste paper bin 120L

XY inspection table

360° inspection table

High temperature adhesive tapes

Cutting pliers TR 58 AD

UNI6 ESD shoes black with steel toecap

Pression mâle 10 mm avec cosse à sertir

Pression femelle 10 mm avec cosse à sertir

Female claw pressure 10 mm

Male claw pressure 10 mm

Adapter (2 female pressures 10mm) for male to female

Adapter (2 male pressures 10mm) for female to male

Female pressure adapter 10mm to 4mm banana plug

Male pressure adapter 10mm to 4mm banana plug