Covid-19 - Corona virus
Matedex closure on 13th of April 2020.

New products

Protective face shield

Dosing cap for gel and hand soap

Stainless steel elbow dispenser for gel and hand soap

Spacer block for Mantis EPI illuminator

Liquid flux WF130

Liquid flux EF250

Coverall Tyvek(r) 500 Industry

Purple disposable Nitrile gloves

Analogue calliper dialMax ESD

Anti-static alveolate film, transparent

Cardclene - POS Magnetic head cleaning cards

Alco Liquid 80%

Cardclene - ATM magnetic head and chip contact cleaning cards

826 ESD Protective Floor Mat in roll

826 ESD Protective Floor Mat

ESD Adapter Assemblies

ESD needles with flat cannula

ESD-Chamfered Tips

ESD Tapered tips

ESD-Syringe Barrels

Polyester/Cellulose Dry Wipes

Microfibre Dry Wipes

Torque QuickCheck