Supply disruptions statement

Tuesday 01/03/2022

Dear customers,

The global supply situation for components and raw materials is still extremely difficult, most suppliers have announced delays and price increases on most of their products due to international shortages or speculation on raw materials and increasing overhead costs.

We have made every effort over the past two years to avoid production stoppages and to keep costs down so that we can continue to supply our products on time and with contained increases, despite delays in delivery from our suppliers and constant price changes for some products.

All of these problems are beyond our control and are unpredictable, which may affect our ability to deliver products to our customers on the usual and normal terms.

In these circumstances, you will understand that we have no choice but to disclaim our liability under any contract or outstanding orders to the extent that such liability is caused by the consequences of the current unstable world situation.

We will, of course, do our utmost to fulfil customer orders to the best of our ability.

We will also constantly monitor the situation and provide additional information as soon as it becomes available. If you have any questions regarding a specific order, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We thank you for your understanding and send you our best regards,

The management.