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10 January 2019

New kolver electric screwdriver K-Ducer

K-DUCER is the new class A intelligent transducerized assembly system from Kolver, the electric tool pioneer since 1989.
The system consists of an advanced state of the art controller and a range of handheld and fixtured electric screwdrivers with torque up to 15 Nm (to be extended to 50 Nm soon).

KOLVER KDS transducerized electric tools cover all assembly line requirements for accurate, high quality torque and angle-controlled tightening.
The built-in compact transducer provides torque control with excellent repeatability.

- Unsurpassed ergonomics and soft touch design
- LED Status Indicators (ok, error, tightening etc.)
- Temperature protection
- Full traceability and error proofing capabilities: 100% compatible with Industry 4.0

Available in straight, pistol and fixture configuration.

The KDU-1 Series of controllers give you full control of your fastening operation in an industry leading compact size.

- Touch screen color display
- Multiple programs and sequences
- Intuitive programming interface
- Precise torque and angle control
- Graphs output
- Perfect integration with Industry 4.0

The KDU-1 units provide unmatched performance and value.
Set-up and operation are really an easy task.

The power unit comes in two versions depending on the functionality level required.
The KDU-1 basic unit features total job options and includes serial and USB ports.
In addition to it, the KDU-1A advanced controllers have full communication capability using any communication system of your choice.
Units may be programmed either through the touch screen or via a PC software.
PS: KDU controllers will operate all KDS Series of tools.
Comparative table of 3 power units

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