Covid-19 - Corona virus
Matedex closure from 13th of May 2021 to 14th of May 2021 included.

New products

Desiccant bag Silica Gel + indicator

Desiccant bag Silica Gel Paper

Desiccant bag Tyvek Silica Gel

Dessicant bag DIN

ESD overshoes white

ESD shoes with fixed gaitor Reinraum white

ESD clog Rubber white

ESD insole Uni6 grey

ESD shoes UNI6 Microfibre white

CNC machine CCD/2/ATC

ESD insole Anatom grey

ESD high shoes ANATOM

ESD Trousers unisex TH55

ESD Cardigan with long zipper THSS

ESD Cardigan with long zipper THSB