ELECTROLUBE - LFCC - Lead Free Conformal Coating

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Code number : 524 00304
Supplier : LFCC400ML
Model : LFCC400
Packing : Spuitbus - Aérosol
Quantity : 400 ml

Flexible, transparent, fast drying modified silicone conformal coating specifically designed for the protection of electronic circuitry processed with lead free soldering products.

  • Compatible with lead free flux residues.
  • Fluoresces under UV light for ease of inspection.
  • Excellent operating temperature range.
  • Can be soldered through.
  • Non-corrosive to Cadmium and Zinc plate (contains no phenols).
  • Excellent resistance to mould growth and UV light.
  • Excellent dielectric properties at all frequencies in accordance to DEF-STAN 59-4/2 Annex C.