KOLVER - Controller and powersupply

KOLVER - Controller and powersupply

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Brand : KOLVER

The control unit and power series EDU, supplied with 230V, serves as the transformer AC / DC regulator and electronic torque.
The electronic control circuit stops the current supply of the screwdriver when the pre-set torque is reached.

All Kolver screwdrivers work in combination with a control unit acting as an AC to DC transformer and torque controller.
The electronic control circuit cuts the power supply to the motor as soon as the pre-set torque has been reached.

Code numberSupplier Model Caractéristiques Dimensions (mm) Weight (Kg)StockPrice ( ExVAT )
592 01001 001000/SG EDU1BR/SG 120VA, slow start and adjustable speed 135x180x65 0,95
592 30000 030000 EDU1AE Programmable with user interface screens 185x125x95 3,15
592 31217 01 030210/7/N EDU3AE 200VA, 2 - 7 Nm 185x185x95 4,25