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Brand : ITECO

A professional line of assembly jigs for PCB's, designed to simplify placing and soldering of electronic components.

  • The PCSA0 is the smallest jig and is supplied with only one sliding rail.
  • PCSA1, PCSA2 and PCSA4 are supplied with central and two sliding rails as standards.
  • Additional rails may be added to accomodate a large number of small boards.
  • The frame and lid assembly may be detached from the mounting base.
  • After mounting the components on the PCB's, the foam back lid is attached and closed, and the whole assembly is lifted and rotated for soldering.
  • An ingenious design of the base permit an adjustable working angle on both side of the PCB's.
  • The jig is varnished steel, and the component pressing foam is in conductive material.

Code numberSupplier Model Dimensions max. utilesStockPrice ( ExVAT )
758 79155 99 7915599 PCSA1 270 x 220 mm
758 79156 01 7915601 PCSA2 500 x 220 mm
758 79156 05 7915605 PCSA4 500 x 350 mm