Matedex closure from 26th of December 2023 to 1st of January 2024 included.

New products

ESD Shoes brush

ESD flat brush

ESD large tooth brush

ESD small tooth brush

ESD brush round 5mm

ESD PC keyboard

ESD PC mouse pad

ESD magazines stand

ESD A4 letter trays, set of 3

UV Peelable

RAPID 24ml

ESD large tape dispenser

ESD ruler 30cm

ESD calculator

ESD document holder A4

Soldering kit WXMPS MS - Pico/Micro

Soldering kit WXUPS MS - Heavy duty

Soldering station WXsmart Heavy duty and tweezers

Soldering station WXsmart Pico/Micro and tweezers

Automatic tip cleaner WATC100 with Fiber Brushes

Automatic tip cleaner WATC100 with Metal Brushes

Dividers for drawer type 250-01 x36

Dividers for drawer type 150-03 and 150-04 x16

Dividers for drawer type 150-02 x24

Large dividers for drawer type 150-01 x24

Medium dividers for drawer type 150-01 x48

Dividers for drawer type 150-00 x60

Drawer 250-03

Drawer 250-02

Drawer 250-01

Drawer 150-04

Drawer 150-03

Drawer 150-02

Drawer 150-01

Drawer 150-00

Cabinet with drawers 250/6-3

Cabinet with drawers 250/8-2

Cabinet with drawers 250/24-1

Cabinet with drawers 1240-123

Cabinet with drawers 1216-04

Cabinet with drawers 1208-03

Cabinet with drawers 1224-02

Cabinet with drawers 1248-01

Cabinet with drawers 1260-00

Cabinet with drawers 928-123

ESD holes puncher

ESD stapler

ESD scissors

ESD retractable cutter

ESD pen holder

ESD ballpen

ESD clipboard A4

Bristol multiple spline socket screwdriver set - Series 99

Reversible ratcheting T handle - Series 99

Tee handle - Series 99

Reversible ratcheting handle - Series 99

Bristol blade - Series 99

Phillips blade - Series 99

Allen ball point hex blade - Imperial - Series 99

ESD Sweatshirt with zip and long sleeve

Cabinet with drawers 906-03

Cabinet with drawers 918-02

Cabinet with drawers 936-01

Cabinet with drawers 945-00

Cabinet with drawers 616-123

Cabinet with drawers 630-00

Cabinet with drawers 624-01

Cabinet with drawers 612-02


Standard bit slotted 1/4"hex set - 7010Z

Standard bit slotted 1/4"hex - 7010Z

Allen hex blade - Metric - Series 99

99PS-40 BP

Allen hex blade - Imperial - Series 99

Hex nut blade - imperial - 99 Series

Hex nut blade - metric - 99 Series

Lynx Evo multiplier

Smart CAM50

Amber regular handle - Serie 99

Slotted blade - Series 99

Lynx EVO with multi-axis stand and ring light

Lynx with Ergo stand and ring light

Objective lens for Lynx

Standard power supply

Led ring-light with integral diffuser

Desolder station WXSmart + WXair + WXUPS + WXDP 120

Soldering station WX Smart heavy duty

Soldering station WXsmart Pico / Micro