New products

Raised Mounting Tools for folding machine SUPERFORM AF

SMD Cover Strip Expansion

Soft brush 130 mm

Bracelet ESD avec goujon de 4mm

Open top Shielding Bag

Soldering tip XT BSC

Support handles for Rack PCB 100/180/300

SmartCloth - Washable and fluffy surface cleaner

Pump for WFE E/2P/P

Maestro circular upper blade (for aluminum PCB)

Electrical Component Cleaning Solvent

Soldering tip XT GW3

Shop for SMD rolls with 10 dividers

Resistors 6CS

Conductive Cushioning Foam

Linear blade Titanium 600 mm (Long version)

Fer à souder WEP 70



Soldering kit WXP 90

Graffiti Remover

ESD drawers drawer cabinet

Conveyor for Maestro 4S (450/600)

CSC lid

SUPERFORM R-LC Folder Cutter

Walking Test EVO charge tester

Desiccant Pak

Yellow ESD ramp for interlocking slab

Label Remover 200 ml Brush

Rack PCB ESD conductif

Wooden probes (disposable) x 100

Station WE 1010

Headclene - spray for magnetic Head

Hard Conductive Brush 40 x 150

Second étage pour SD 1000 ABW2

Card Holder Bar for Printed Circuit Boards

TRACTOR 2 card separator

Tools for Raised & Locked Legs Folder SUPERFORM AF

ESD High Visibility Waistcoat

Splicing Shims for SMD Wheel

Plaque de compensation pour longueur de coupe SUPERCUT LN5 / LN5

Resistor 10SR

LabeOhm EASY resistivity meter

Concentric ring probe BNC, 3 banana sockets

Accessories for Containers NEWBOX

Adapters for DSX80, DXV80

LabeOhm EVO resistivity meter


Porte document avec pince ESD

Semi Automatic Tape Splice Tool (For SMD)

Document clamp for Rack PCB 100/180/300


Conductive brush hard form 12 mm

TRACTOR 2M card separator

Freezer Spray

Flacon ESD pour Flux de soudure

220 V motor for SUPERFORM AF / VP

Plateau tournant ESD, diamètre 475mm

7mm interlocking slabs

Kit Zero Smog 4 with Funnel

Safety rest PH70

Maestro circular upper blade (for aluminum Board)

CS10 Bulk Feeder for SuperForm A

Pictotile Protected Area (ESD) 7 mm

Titanium circular blade for Maestro 5L

Velcro strap ESD (loop) for low charge

Rack PCB conductif Haute température

Spring funnel for support KH1

Side Rail for Rack PCB 100/180/300

Wall dispenser with bottle and 960 ml lotion


Lock for card door 100/180/300

TRACTOR card separator

Raised & Locked Tools for SUPERFORM AF Legs Folder

Cross slotted board holder

Splicing Shims For Semi-auto tools

Conductive brush hard form 25 mm

Stand for WBHS support

Soft brush 100 mm

TEKMATRIX 32, Humidity / Temperature Indicator with Alarm

Conductive epoxy coating, light gray, 15L kit

Conductive brush hard round shape 3 mm